Wish I was Drunk Wednesday: (Ghetto) Desert Shrub

Full disclosure: I’ve got a really nice daytime buzz going on right now. I invited a friend over and we played mixologist.

My junior year of high school, I was in a Chemistry lab group with three people. One girl weighed everything, took notes, generally made sure that we were on track. I’m pretty sure she ended up with like a 99%. She’s at Brown…slacker. The token dude set things on fire. I have no idea where he ended up. I poured things.

I got really good at pouring, without spilling, mL specific. I have mad skills with a beaker, a pipette and a graduated cylinder. I’m legen(most overused HIMYM joke)dary at reading the meniscus. If my life were a book, some 9th grade English teacher would be pointing out the foreshadowing to my new love of mixology. I pour things, without spilling to the 1.5 oz specific.*

As pretentious as the term “mixology” is, I really like being able to imbibe my current lab projects. Not having to turn in a report for a grade? Icing on the cake. Olive in the martini glass? Little umbrella in the daquiri? Ehhh…….I’ll work on it.

Also, this drink is f#@king delicious. Just go make it. It’s bright, zingy, strong, and did I mention it’s delicious???

*the amount in a standard shot of alcohol (fyi) #foodtrivia

Desert Shrub
as seen on the cocktail menu at Sage at the Aria Hotel
-It’s Ghetto cause I’m poor and bought cheap sparkling wine and borrowed (aka stole) ingredients from my neighbors. (like $7/bottle at Ralphs/Safeway/Kroger/Your Major Grocery Store here)

Fresh Sage (about 4-5 leaves per drink)
1 Shot Tequila
1:1 Proseco/Champagne/Sparkling Wine: Grapefruit Juice (we used about 1/4 cup or like 3 shots of each)

-Muddle the Sage, Sugar and a splash of the bubbly at the bottom of your cocktail shaker

-Add the tequila, bubbly and juice

-Shake vigorously

-Strain (we ended up doing this twice) and Serve.

so tasty….and hazy….

Happy Wednesday!

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