Wish I Was Drunk Wednesday: Life is Hard

This was supposed to be a baking blog with the occasional cocktail. I’m unsure if the current reversal is due to the fact I feel compelled to post every Wednesday because I love alliteration or lately, I’ve enjoyed ingesting my calories alcoholically (I have no idea if that’s a real word).

I have no fun cocktail with a super cute name. I have real world issues this week including midterms, papers, midterms, papers, job applications and preparing to leave town for a week (gearing up for Spring Break is hard, guys) so……..

Consider the ball officially dropped.

If you are super desperate for some sort of inebriation, might I recommend a beer? They are nice, cold, and mellow. Perfect for drinking on those days where it is important to make mature life decisions (ie. studying for midterms, writing papers and filling out job applications, printing out boarding passes before the line at the airport, etc.).

Though now I think about it, “Mature Life Decision Monday” has a much better ring to it…..

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